Showresult 2019


Great preformance in Agility for  Kråkeslottets dogs
Here some of the top results

SEAGCH SEAG(jump)CH Kråkeslottets Nirvana "Noomi"

(sire CH Kråkeslottets Mr Cadillac- dam, Kråkeslottets Electra)

On top of  the list of Swedens  AGILITY dog of the year 2019 size medium.  Qualified for Swedish Championship 2020 with 25 qualifications (8 is needed)

Congratulations owner and handlar Tommy Fredriksson, Kalix

LPII RLD N&F&A&M & SE RALLYCH SE AG(HOPP)CH SE AGCH Kråkeslottets Metallica "SantaX"

 (sire Ch Kråkeslottets Mr Cacillac- dam, Kråkeslottets Electra)

Now even SEAGCH
Metallica has participated in 4 Swedish championship.. both agiltiy and Rallyobediance (individual and team)
Congratulations  owner and handler  Ulrica Ahlsén


AGHD I RLD F RLD N  Kråkeslottets You Lucky Dog"Santos"

 (sire Ch Request Star Warrier-Kråkeslottets Primadonna)

Only 3 years old and now CAC in agility.
Congratulations owner and handler Sandra Krievi

Ballerup, Copenhagen Winner show
Topsy BOS, CAC, CACIB and Copenhagen Winner
Hera BOB veteran and Copenhagen vet. Winner

SKK Överkalix, Hera BOS
Topsy 2. best bitch CAC

Mr Cacillac BOB, BOB vet, BIG4
Pandora 2. best bitch, reserv-CAC


Hundslottet Luleå will soon open.
In cosy and calm inviroment we will offer quality products, fix and styling (teeth, nails and coat) .
courses in diff. dogsports,  individuel training,  showhandling   behavior problems.
 A photoservice for showdogs and familiydogs indoor or outdoor
We will be proud to present a "second hand corner" with dog products  in our Show room (where the income goes directly to "Hundstallet")

Some of our selected brands:
All Systems - Anvil Scissors - Trixi - Bass brushes - Eukanuba - Happy Dog - Galltvål- Raizup Nutrition Care m.m

Linda Andorsen,  Luleå , Sweden

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