"Märtha" Kråkeslottets Märtha Louise (SE Uch FI Uch Shellrick's O'Boy- SE Uch Frostice Orchid Promise)





Hips B, Cea clear, Full dentition
MH m/skott (mentaltest with gunshot)

Märtha in her 12th. year is still compeeting aglitiy .

Märtha has competed in search, obeidience and wun prices.  She has also trained, tracking, and herding. She has compeeted obedience up to level III.  Märtha was awarded in 2009 with the Swedish Shetand Sheepdog Club's Trippeldiplom (trippeldiploma) . And on old days (7 years) she started doing agility where she has wun CAC.   She has been shown with excelelnt, CK and reserv CAC and winning many BOB veteran and even placement in Best Bitch clas
As 12 years of age she started in Rally Obediance and won first comp. with 92 points and approved result.

About 96% of her offsprings have been x-rayd and mostly A hips and some  B.  She has one offspring with elbow 0/1.  One with mild cea the rest clear.

She has produced several champions.  2 of her offspring is i on the Swedish  National  Team in agility. And these in the age of 10 are qualified for the swedish championship in aility 2016.  She has prduced pricewinning offspring in tracking, obeidience and shows. 3  Champions



Linda Andorsen,  Luleå , Sweden

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