CH Request Star Warrier "Timmy" - Kråkeslottets Primadonna "Pri"

Timmy: A hips, eyes clear, Mental test with shot.

Pri,: A hips, 0/0 elbows, patella clear, eyes clear

(NORD W2011, C.I.B, DK SE FI UCH Grandgables Say It Again Sam -Moorwood Fashion World)

(SE NO AG(hopp)CH NORD UCH Kråkeslottets Zeus-FI SE AG(hopp)CH FI SE AGCH Kråkeslottets Madonnan av Da Vinci)

C.I.B NOUCH SEUCH FIUCH Kråkeslottets Hera - AM GRAND CH CAN CH Laureate Invincible
Hera, B hips, Patella 0/0, clear eyes, full dentition
Vinnie, Hips and elbows Good, Eyes Clear, VwD clear, Thyroid Normal, full dentition MDR1 +/+
(North Sheltie's Perfect alibi-Kråkeslottets Ragnhild den Mektige)
(Ch Laureate invictus-AM/Can CH Laureate Immortality)

Ch Kråkeslottets Mr. Cadillac "Caddy" - Kråkeslottets Kleopatra

Ch Request Just Gold "Sigge" - Ch Kråkeslottets Hera

CH  Kråkeslottets Mr Cadillac - Kråkeslottets Primadonna "Pri"