"Zlatan" Sagogläntans Zlatan (C.I.B FI-W 15 SEUCH NOUCH DKUCH FIUCH Kråkeslottets Mr Cadillac - Kråkeslottets Hipp Hurra)

Zlatan has been BOB puppy several times.  He became BOB puppy at , Shetland Sheepdog speciality show, Swedenand has been Best in Show puppy att kennelclub show
 Now as  junior  he has been BOS and has   2 x CAC and several CK
Zlatan has started agility clas  and has 2 qualification

Hips A  Elbows 0/0  Eyes clear both puppy and adult..  Full dentition
CEA N/N normal  PRA(CNGA1) N/N
(MDR1 +/-   DM N/N   HUU N/N

All his littermates (4) are now x-rayed with A Hips and 0/0 Elbows






Linda Andorsen,  Luleå , Sweden

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